What is MongoDB?

The mongoDB website descripbes Mongo DB as "MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database" but what does this mean?

For the last decade databases have predominately been 'relational' in that complex systems are used to 'relate' one peice of stored information to another.  While this made it somewhat easier to develop applications the latest versions of these systems are extremely complicated and this complication impacts performance, supportability and in many cases cost.

Over the last few years there has been a recognition that this 'bloating' is not worth the penalties and work began on alternative systems. MongoDB is one of these, new breed, databases.

Why choose MongoDB?

MongoDB is a powerful tool quite capable of meeting the needs of an accounts system; it is also free and easily deployed, two issues important to the SME/SMB market.  Add to this ease of development, simple maintenance and the vertical application developer has a tool they can build on. 

How to get MongoDB?

MongoDB is a free download and a link to the databases home page can be found on our links page.